Transition into December

So yeah, I’m a bit late to comment on the arrival of this wonderful month full of holidays and snow. At least, it usually has snow. This year, Mother Nature decided that winter would be a three-day event back in Awktober so she might as well get a head start with Spring. In November. Am I the only one who enjoys snow? The only one with excitement brought by the puffy little white things that float down from the sky?

Anyways, with the end of last month came the joyful end of No-Shave November. Now the wooly mammoths on everyone’s bodies can be shaved back into extinction and we can have a month of peace before Manuary, as my good friend taught me of yesterday.

I’m only joking. The facial hair really isn’t too explosive around here. But really, do us ladies get a month? Femme-uary? Is it too much to ask?

I had nine grapes.