The Class

One of my typical doodles

Today I began easily the most boring class I’ve ever taken- driver’s ed. The dreaded six hours of poorly-made videos from the nineties with terrible actors ladling you a cheesy blend of driving laws and advice with a side of clips from YouTube showing terrifying car accidents.

That appetizer would make almost anyone leave before the entree, but of course the only way I will ever get onto the road (and get you all to stay off the streets) is by suffering through the lessons.

As you can see to the right, my torment was eased by the pens which were so conveniently laid out on the desks as we arrived, and the paper I was so fortunate as to have brought. By the end of “Signs, Signals and Lanes” I had scribbled this masterpiece into existence, with another whole “module” to go.

Let me explain to you briefly how this whole driver’s ed thing is done. You have to take thirty hours of classes at the driving school- fifteen two-hour periods called “modules”. Originally, I was going to take them over February vacation, three two-hour modules for five days, but I decided I didn’t want to waste my vacation doing more school and having to get up early, so I’m going to do five saturdays (four left, now) with the same six hours of class.

Instead of another straight week of school, it’s like going to school of an extra day spread out over the course of a month or so, the hours being eight to two with half-hour long breaks between each module. Now that I’ve taken my first course, I can certainly tell you I have made the best choice for me personally; if I had to listen to “Ashley” (the lady who narrates the poorly-made cheesy driving movie) for a week straight, I might just jump out the two-story window.

The best part was when the class got cut an hour short because of snow. We got to leave at one rather than two, and that meant I got to go to the dump with my dad and then watch my brother play Skyrim for an extra hour! I salute you, snow gods.