Pretty Nails

Today I wore my sweatpants to school. It was comfortable. I haven’t got much to talk about, except my nails, which I did like this:

This picture is terrible. Don't look at it


I’m not sure how well you can see it with the crappy picture on the left ┬áthat I lazily took on Photobooth, but there are words from a newspaper printed onto my nails. I pretty much spent yesterday afternoon watching tutorials on Youtube on nail art, and I really liked this one, so I decided to try it out for myself. Here’s how I did it:

Firstly, I painted a base layer of Sally Hansen strengthening polish. It’s clear, makes your nails strong, and acts as a good base layer. I then painted two coats of white nail polish ( I don’t remember which kind, and going to look at the bottle would require me to leave my seat) and left it to dry for a few hours. It doesn’t need to dry for too long, simply long enough that the newspaper won’t stick to the polish when it’s time for that part. I would suggest at least an hour. Then, while watching the new episode of Bones, I cut ten slightly-larger-than-nail-width sections out of a newspaper article (I added my own morbid flair to my nails, utilizing an article entitled something along the lines of ‘One Dead in Car Crash, Car Sinks in Saugus River’) then dipped a piece in room-temperature water. The tutorial asks for alcohol, but i didn’t have any and hoped water would work just as well (which it did). Anyways, I pressed the strip onto one of my nails, pushing hard and rolling my finger around on it for about twenty or thirty seconds. Then I peeled off the strip, revealing the backwards but beautiful imprint of some words from my article of choice. I did the same with all ten nails, then waited another hour for the letters to dry completely before adding a topcoat of clear polish to seal them in. It’s important not to smudge the letters before you add the topcoat, as I made the mistake of doing on one thumb, and also to make sure that you put a lot of pressure on your fingers, otherwise the letters will turn out light and patchy. For fun, I did a ‘theme’ with each nail, trying to have the words like ‘died’ or ‘crash’ or ’emergency’ show up on my nails. I did one random word though- ‘pizzeria’, from a neighboring article. If you do decide to experiment with the newspaper nails, try finding a theme you like!

To all those who wish to try the newspaper print- good luck with you nails. To all those who actually read that huge hunk of paragraph- you rock. That’s all for now. And one last note- last night I ate fifteen grapes.