Coming soon: In Suspension, my NYU thesis short film. Currently in post-production.

In an alternate near-future, social classes are divided into parallel layers of reality called Strata. Lydia is a young woman with everything going for her– a nice apartment, stable finances, and a favorable government job at the US Dept. of the Prism. But as she commits to building her career, she finds herself feeling isolated and unsatisfied, and addicted to a dream of being in love. But when she finds out her dreams are actually forgotten memories from another reality, Lydia is forced to consider if she’s willing to risk her reality to make a better one.

In 2019, In Suspension was awarded the Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music in Film and the Todd Martin Film Production Award. It was an honor to receive these awards, and I am thankful to both foundations.

The script for In Suspension was a semifinalist in the 2018 Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition, beating out hundreds of other  short scripts of all genres! The concept for the feature of In Suspension has made it to the quarterfinals of the 2019 Screencraft Sci Fi/Fantasy Concept Competition, and is still progressing in that competition.

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