Happy (belated) New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s, whether that involved celebrations, parties, dropping things from buildings to signify a new year or just hanging around at home in your Snuggie. Now we all get to enjoy our last year of life, seeing as the apocalypse lurks towards the end of this year. Today marks the final day of winter break, which means that tomorrow morning I will rise before the sun does and drag myself from under the warm covers to greet a harsh, cold dawn and a horrific day of school beginning with an hour and a half of pure physics. What a transition from waking up to the sunny noon skies of Florida and only getting up to go to either the beach or the pool. That, or waking up at six in the Hard Rock Hotel to head to Universal studios in order to wait in lines for rides that made me nauseous and push through huge, smelly crowds of sweaty foreigners and squealing kids. Not my favorite two days of vacation, but my souvenirs (more like late Hannukah presents) were certainly worth the ordeal.

The rest of my vacation was spent either banging on my new xylophone or looking at things on my computer, like watching episodes of Buffy on Hulu and reading articles on Cracked. I also learned some new words like ‘piquerism‘ and contemplated joining this web site. And I painted a landscape. Before you start thinking “Pics or it didn’t happen!”, just know that I haven’t quite finished yet and it’s certainly not the next Starry Nights. Maybe I’ll add it to the dreadfully empty Art section of my incomplete website. Or maybe I’ll let your imagination fill in the negative space.