Day 2- Still Figuring Out The Whole “Blog” Idea

Today I ate a green bean and three grapes.

Is this what I’m supposed to blog about? Nope. That’s what Twitter is for. I have one of those, by the way. I suppose I could tell you about my exciting camp reunion, how I got to see my camp friends and how we snuck out to get Starbucks at the end. I don’t think “sneak” is the right word there, because we pretty much just left and no one seemed to care. I got a coffee cake and a fancy water that donated 5 cents to charity. I felt like such a philanthropist. I guess I could also tell you about the interesting conversation (argument?) I had with a friend about the Supreme Court and tomatoes. They say that tomatoes are vegetables, while biologically they are fruits. Why aren’t there more conspiracy theories revolving around this obvious point of brainwashing? It’s probably because most Americans are satisfied with the fact that they can now claim to eat all their vegetables with the recent bill passed by Congress that allows the tomato paste on pizza to qualify as a vegetable (Take that, USDA!). Of course, it really only applies to school lunches since the Obama administration wanted healthier lunches. But really, who cares? I mean, I guess I could blog about this stuff, but I’d rather just tell you about the things I ate today.